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Bangkok Nightlife Girls
Nana Plaza Bar Patpong

Patpong, Nana Plaza, Bangkok nightlife, go go Bangkok, Bangkok bar girls,
Bangkok bar, gays in Bangkok, Bangkok bars, Bangkok nightlife girls, Thaniya Plaza

- Bangkok nightlife can be hot, if you like, either with hot girls or simply by the tropical heat.

It's Patpong, Nana Plaza and go go Bangkok for the guys. There are millions of single travelers coming to the city to enjoy Bangkok nightlife shopping and Thai girls, Bangkok bar girls, Ladyboys and so on. Thailand is very diverse and nobody asks a lot of questions or talk behind you back. A Bangkok bar is here for fun and also the gays in Bangkok have several dedicated areas, the most visible is across Surawong road at Taniya Plaza close to Patpong. Bangkok boys are waiting there no Bangkok girls.

Its busy and vibrant but around 2-3am everything closes down, in such an Asian metropolis nightlife until 6am should be normal, even in Singapore there is no limit and Singapore is no match for Thailand nightlife. The nightlife areas in Bangkok are Patpong, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Thaniya Plaza (more dedicated to the nightlife Samurais from Japan) and parts of Sukhumvit Road, Silom, Surawong and Rachadaphisek Road (a Chinese domain).

This is modern Sodom and Gomorrah (in a positive sense) with bars, nightclubs, massage parlors (big and small). How are those spots accessible? The good news is, very easy via the BTS Bangkok Skytrain and the underground, the bad news is they close at 12pm. What’s the use of a modern transport system when its closed down because some don’t care about the other.

Anyway take a taxi, one of the positive in Bangkok nightlife is, its quite low priced compared with such cities as London, Las Vegas, New York etc. they serve the beer in a Bangkok gogo bar for the amount you give as a tip elsewhere. This is a great 

attraction especially for the younger crowd from western countries but also from emerging markets such as India and China. But those Asian guys are focused on a different Thailand nightlife, its called Russian girls Pattaya, in Bangkok this girls are not very visible in Pattaya they are very visible and available.

- Bangkok nightlife means bars, nightclubs, girls, massage,

a wide spectrum of restaurants, bars at luxury hotels, Bangkok shopping malls, trendy clubs, discos and places with live music. For the best and fresh information have a look into the Bangkok Post, they run a section every day with the freshest nightlife ads and almost all hotels have small booklets free of charge with the latest information for Bangkok at night.

The area around Sukhumvit, Silom and Surawong offer one-stop deals for bargain shopping at night markets, Patpong night market is famous, but that’s not the only one. At the bars and nightclubs heaven for the guys is waiting in form of pretty Thai Bar Girls.
Thai Ladyboy at Patpong

- This rambling night spots, such as Patpong

have again myriads of small streets branching off, they are called Soi and again a micro cosmos by itself, read more
at Nana Plaza

- One of the the most vibrant night spot, in terms of Thai bar girls is Nana Plaza  

Its no cool stuff its real hot, the go go girls are pretty, they willing to play games with you in a nearby hotel and show everything what they have already at the dance stage to encourage a little closer encounter. Have a look around you will have a night you probably will dream about it in many years, this is not only "One Night in Bangkok" one night is much to short.

Bangkok Nightlife
Bangkok Nightlife
Bangkok Nightlife Patpong
Bangkok Nightlife Patpong
Nana Plaza
Nana Plaza
Nana Bangkok
Nana Bangkok

Nana Plaza is a few minutes walk from BTS Sukhumvit Nana Station and is one of the main night spots in the city. The area is also very attractive because of the myriads of restaurants around, some of the best Arab, Indian and other oriental restaurants are in the small Soi's.

Thaniya Plaza
Thaniya PlazaBangkok nightlife pics
Bangkok nightlife pics

- Thaniya Plaza Bangkok has several great nightlife hot spots with girls, restaurants, bars, gogo, Thai bar girls, nightclubs and more the area is close to Patpong and dedicated to the Japanese guys, everything is in Japanese also the level of prices. This plaza is very popular among the business samurais because it is a very compact combination of Japanese restaurants, shops, golf shops, travel agent and dozens of bars with pretty Bangkok nightlife girls dedicated to Japanese customers.

- Bangkok nightlife girls are some of the most interesting features in the city after night falls. Actually most of them are Bangkok bar girls, read more.

- Bangkok nightlife pics

are probably some of the best visual souvenirs to bring back home from a trip to the city. Photos can be packed with nightlife action, fun and sometimes tranquility, read more

Bangkok gay bars
Bangkok gay bars at Surawong opposite Thaniya Plaza.Bangkok nightlife girls
Bangkok nightlife girls

A unique nightlife spot in the City of Angel, yes the Thai name of the city translate to this, its "Krungthep", City of Angel and there are so many Thai angels here, they have 2 legs, no wings and they take care about the guys from a different perspective, afterwards the treated guy feels like to be in heaven, so, everything comes together somehow.

Close to Nana Plaza is a “Arab” quarter where at dozens Egyptian, Lebanese, Yemeni, Irani, Indian and Pakistani restaurants offering their native food, this is “little Arabia” with water pipes and halal food.

Some have a contemporary decoration look and feel others have the real “Arab Baroque”. There are Muslims from Afrika who stay at the cheap Bangkok hotels there and plenty of the called so called "Back moving Mummies" are around

Patpong, Nana Plaza, Bangkok nightlife, go go Bangkok, Bangkok bar girls,
Bangkok bars, gays in Bangkok, Bangkok girls, Thaniya Plaza

Bangkok Nightlife Girls Nana Plaza Bar Patpong
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