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Hat Yai & Sadao

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- Hat Yai is the third largest city in Thailand  

after Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The city is in the deep southern Thailand on the west side, on the east side are the provinces with the insurgency problem. None of this spilled over to the west side in resent years. The city is about 50 km north of the Thailand Malaysian border crossing at Sadao and Padang Besar. This proximity to the border is the main source fueling a sizzling nightlife in Hat Yai and Sadao which is the village right at the border.

Hundreds of bar girls in the nightclubs, massage shops, bars, karaoke bars etc. business are waiting every day for the customers in neighboring Islam oriented Malaysia. The guys from Malaysia and some from Singapore get exactly what they are looking for, nightlife with pretty young Thai girls who try to have a good time.

Flights to Hat Yai are available from Bangkok and Singapore via Tiger Airways. A bus to Hat is available from Bangkok, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and the other bigger cities in southern Thailand, the same is for Sadao. The buses from Malaysia to Hat with the guys and get some money for. Excellent restaurants are around, in particular exotic Chinese restaurants, Hat Yai looks very much as a Chinese town in general, Chinese letters dominate the street, there is no Chinatown as in Kuala Lumpur and elsewhere whole Hay Yai is a Chinese town. Shopping is cheap; plenty of Hotels are available at Hat Yai and Sadao not asking questions when someone takes the girl with. The first stop at the border is Sadao, part of the nightlife business at Sadao comes from the travelers who get stranded every night at the border since the border is closed from 11pm to 5 am. At neighboring Padang Besar the border is closed from 9pm to 5am.

Thailand bus service is the main means of transport in the area but Hat Yai also has a big railway station trains come from Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok.

- Downtown in the city and a bit off the center at Sadao

are a couple of tall hotels such as Lee Garden Hat Yai, the Regency Hotel Hat Yai, Novotel and other Hatyai hotels. In the vicinity of the hotels are the nightlife places offering nightclub shows, bars, pubs and restaurants. At Sadao the bars and discos are usually in small houses along the road and some are in the big hotels. In the nightlife business in this part of southern Thailand thousands of Thai people have good paid jobs, the girls and the other working here come in from all Thailand, some even from Laos.

Nightlife Hat Yai is not as screaming as lets say Patpong in Bangkok or Bangla Road at Phuket Patong, its a more laid back atmosphere in particular there are no go-go

Hat Yai Nightclub Show
Nightclub Show
Hat Yai Show Dancer
Show Dancer
Hat Yai Sexy
Nightlife Sexy

bars only nightclubs with girls, shows and other stuff.

- Sadao nightlife

is a little bit different they also have go-go bars with shows but only behind closed doors. Sadao bar girls are here for business, mainly at Karaoke bars. also hang around the big hotels in downtown. A hotel at Sadao and Hatyai is easily found and to take a Hat Yai girl with you to the room is not a problem. In general, its Thai nightlife with a quiet touch.







Sadao Nightlife
Sadao Nightlife
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Sadao Go-Go


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Hat Yai & Sadao
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