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Patong nightlife


- Patong nightlife mainly along Bangla Road is where the "music plays" in the Phuket nightlife scene.

This is Asian nightlife, chaotic, everything goes and Thai bar girls everywhere, low prices makes it affordable for everyone.

There are hundreds of Phuket Girls and ladies of the night around to give you a good time and fun the whole night through. Since there are almost no regulations, actually there are, but nobody cares about its freewheeling and sometimes it wonít stop.

Patong nightlife is primarily concentrated along Bangla Road and the small alleyways called Soi branching off left and right with names such as Soi Seadragon,  Crocodile, Eric, Katoey and many more. 

They have all the same theme, one Patong bar after the other and each of them up to around a dozen pretty Thai ladies in for business, in between ladyboys which are visible in Thailandís nightlife everywhere.

Patong beach is beach life during the day and bars,  go go bars, karaoke, nightclubs, pubs, sport bars, discos, karaoke, restaurants and massage parlors after the sun disappears behind the Indian Ocean, here the Andaman Sea. There are myriads of beach resorts, hotels, apartments and other accommodations everywhere at Patong beach.  

For shopping the jungceylon shopping mall is ideal with hundreds of shops, stalls, a big supermarket, dozens of restaurant and the best car park in town, the mall is at the east end of Bangla Road again enclosed with bars, nightclubs and night markets. Prices are a bit higher than at the road outside but its very compact, it doesn't smell bad, its clean and there is some security around which is very important because drunken tourists, usually English and Australians, sometimes run mad. Jungceylon closes at around 10pm. Integrated is also a up market hotel which is very convenient, but there are also some hotels and resorts directly at Bangla road.
Patong Nightlife Soi Crocodile
Patong Nightlife Soi Crocodile

- Patong is beach life during day and great nightlife after sunset

in a very relaxed atmosphere. Some Patong nightlife clubs and discos have sexy shows with go-go and pole dancing, beer is cheap and Thai bar girls plenty.

A dedicated gay nightlife area, but not only, with gay bars, is around the Patong Paradise Hotel with around 50 nightlife bars, entertainment and about 1000 young guys working there in the nightshift. Actually all bars and nightclubs at that Patong area are more or less looking the same, only recently some color themed bars appeared with pretty compositions of illumination mainly with red and blue lights.



Patong nightlife
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