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Bars Patpong Bangkok

Bars Patpong ladyboy Night Market.

Patpong street

with bars, nighlife, night market, not only one Ladyboy and bar girls is a premier Bangkok nightspot. Linking Silom and Surawong road in Bangkok downtown and the small alleys and Soi's around is probably "the mother of all Thailand nightlife". During daytime a sleepy Soi or road with some shops comes to life at around 8 pm. Shortly after the sun is gone the night market hawker pull up their flimsy shops basically stacked together by small pipes and all kinds of goods are placed or hanged onto the desk or walls of the mobile shop.

The road or Soi gets blocked and after about an hour the stalls are up. Most of the goods for sale they buy at the Chatuchak weekend market elsewhere in Bangkok. All the material to build up shop and the goods for sale are usually are stored in a big locked box on wheels and parked in one of the side alleys off Sukhumvit and Surawong,

At about 8 pm the first go-go or coyote bars open. Patong girls move in by the Skytrain, the sub way, by motorbike, bus or with the taxi, having their dinner on the Patpong roadside. Now Patpong nightlife starts and it gets noisy and chaotic. Bangkok street food is carried to the bars in small white boxes and the Thai bar girls get their last supper for the evening, maybe not the last since Thai's are eating almost constantly. If a lady arrive with their own a car means she must be a very attractive lady.

bar girls come from the cheap living areas of Bangkok such as Din Daeng in the north and other places. If you come to Bangkok by flight or maybe with the bus and want to explore nightlife easily take a hotel in the Surawong and Silom area. Its also very convenient if you plan to take a girl with you. The hotel you are in will charge you about Thailand Baht 500,- more for double occupancy.

Since the short time hotel around charges about the same it might be better to use your hotel but lock up all your belongings of value first before your special Patong night starts.

The hotels at Patpong, Surawong and Silom area are from about Thai Baht 1300,- upwards, staying there means everything is within walking distance and the other Bangkok nightlife spots such as Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy can easily be reach by the BTS Skytrain.

Patpong girls are plenty and the famous Patpong night market is on every day, actually if you are not after the Thai bar girls a visit to Patpong is a already a good idea just becuase of the night market.

bars patpong
Bars Patpong BKK

Go Go Girls
Patpong Girls.

Patpong somehow sounds like "ping pong banana".. this exactly describes what is all about on Bangkok nightlife. All bars in Patong offer basically the same, beer, girls, go-go and music. Sometimes when they bring a great Thai pop song, all the go go girls start singing. How it looks inside a go go bar you can see in the Patpong video here.

More murky it becomes when you take the stairs to the upper floors of the house to have a look for a Patpong show. There are the "live shows" with girls wearing nothing and do funny games of the sort of inserting a banana between the legs and pushing it out, interestingly the banana flies about 2 - 3 meter and usually lands on one of the foreign tourists who watch the show.

Don't think all tourists watching there are male, there are also plenty of female tourists at Patpong who have a good time. Also the girls who work there and entertain the foreigners usually have a great evening.

A other strange performance in a live show, putting a cigarette between the legs and smoke it, actually the strange thing is, I really works. When the cigarette is done the people applaud.

Patpong Bangkok

is available at Silom and Surawong. At Patpong 2 there are also boy's go-go bars, with about 30 young Thai boys dancing.

It is necessary to tell all Thai Bar girls and boys working in the bars are over 18 years, usually even over 20 years of age, all what you hear in the media about minors working in the nightlife here is nonsense. They just look younger because they get the wrong nutrition when growing up, means they are usually smaller than girls in other non Asian countries.

All bars on the street level are more or less ok, if you have a problem, it wont matter what kind, tell it to the "mama san" and to the manager, they will handle it somehow positive.

Some tattoo parlors do a good business during the night. They delivery excellent tattoo art for a fraction of the price you must pay in the EU, US or elsewhere.

The Thai tattoo artists at Patpong know their job as well as the guys in the West, the also use the same tools and the same hygienic procedures as elsewhere. As you can see here at Patpong you can get also other services beside of the bars and shopping.

Since this place (actually there are 2 small roads running parallel from Silom to Surawong called Patpong 1 and Patpong 2) is very

Thailand tattoo near surawong
BKK Tattoo parlor
Ladyboys near Surawong
Patpong Bangkok
BKK Night Market

close to the elevated train station at Sala Daeng Skytrain Station its just the right place to go on a Thailand nightlife discovery trip.

At bars Patpong all this pretty go-go girls are dancing, this are great bars and nightclubs. At the road is night market shopping. All is concentrated at this 2 streets and the vicinity at Silom and Surawong road, more.

The name somehow could have been derived from.. ping pong banana, a expression everyone hears many time around around there, I guess you can imaging yourself what it means and the funny thing is, it exactly what describes this place in the hearth of Bangkok.

When you walk along the road there is always someone approaching you asking if you like a ping pong banana show, actually until a few years ago they just did it at the stage, it was sometimes difficult for the guys to get him up because of all the people around watching.

From time one guy from the audience jumped onto the stage, actually the stage is like a boxing ring, took the pants down and get it done, the audience screamed with joy and when the business was done applause was plenty.

This days (2011) they don't do this anymore at Patpong because when caught the police close down the bar. Actually in general never enter a bar on a higher level as the second floor, because that's usually were the criminals operate with all kind of dirty tricks they cheat the people and extort money.

If ever something like this happen go to the Silom end of the street, there is always a minibus with police who also speak English, don't be shy they will go with you back to the bar and help.

Unfortunately there are many crooks in the nightlife business, not only in Thailand, who try all kind of criminal activities to pull money, by the way, never carry money in the shirt pocket !  Many people just come to shop at the night market, its a great place for a bargain hunter but it needs tough negotiations since they try to cheat you real badly, but you have to go through it. 

Patpong Bangkok
Thailand Nightlife

Bars Patpong, Bangkok, Silom, Surawaong, night market Patpong.
Patpong girls, Patpong ladyboy

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