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Phuket nightlife Patong nightlife
Patong Phuket Night

Phuket nightlife, Patong nightlife, Phuket City nightlife, Karon beach nightlife,
Kata beach nightlife, Phuket night.

- Phuket nightlife

Phuket Nightlife has many variants, there are beer bars, kiosk style bars, sport bars, Thai style cafe's, with girls singing karaoke style on a stage and probably the best is a bar along Bangla Road Patong with plenty Phuket bar girls.

There are nightclubs, discos, go go clubs, pole dancing, coyote clubs and great restaurants, some with dinner shows.

Especially interesting are night markets around Patong with handicrafts, cheap Thailand jewelry made from silver such as bangles, rings and other items. The main items people buy are fake goods they are dirt cheap and usually of good quality.

In some restaurants on the island there is live music, vibrant and loud, this places are interesting melting points, people from all over the world sit around side by side, Jewish beside Muslims, Indian opposite Pakistani, Chinese and US Americans etc. without any problems. Different people from various nation have nothing against each other they only get screwed up to be hostile by mad politicians.

- At the nightlife spots are Indian Tailor Shops

usually staffed with Nepali and Bangladeshi offering clothing made to measure. Actually these shops are only a front end, the actual work is done elsewhere by Thai people very often the outcome is real junk.

Phuket nightlife has four centers, first is at Patong and next is Phuket City, after its Karon Beach and Kata Beach, all other beach areas also have some kind of nightlife but very limited. Phuket City is rather quiet and the ladies more pretty than Patong bar girls.

At Phuket City nightlife there are Cafe's such as the Buddy Cafe, Pink Lady 2002 and dozens more with real pretty Phuket bar girls. Those are around Tavorn Hotel and the Royal Phuket City Hotel. To move back and forward use a motorbike taxi, donít use Tuk Tuk, they are notorious for cheating and sometimes even violent.

At most of this bars only drink bottled beer and insist that they open it in front of you since some sell tainted beer, means they pour all the beer leftovers from yesterday into a Heineken bottle and sell it as fresh beer. I complained about this several times to Heineken, they just don't care, it even looks they are supporting this practice since sometimes ago they changed the top of the bottles to make it easier to open and close. Be careful with Heineken Beer since they support bad practice by ignorance with the result that the people drinking this stuff get sick.


Phuket nightlife, Patong nightlife, Phuket City nightlife, Karon beach nightlife,
Kata beach nightlife, Phuket night.

Phuket nightlife
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