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Thailand Tattoo Thai Tattoos

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- Thailand tattoos are usually free tattoos,

no need to pay additionally for a tattoo design, just go to the tattoo parlor and browse the tattoo pictures which are on display in a folder at the entrance. The Thai tattoo parlors usually have a tattoo gallery with photos of tattoos done in the past. It is a good idea to browse through the pictures of the tattoo designs they have done to find a cool tattoo, for some reason a tribal tattoo could also be attractive.

You could also bring your tattoo ideas into the process, but be aware that if the Thai tattoo artist must do some design work they usually also charge for this. If you find a suitable tattoo in the tattoo gallery it will be a free tattoo you only have to pay the work to put the tattoo onto your skin.

If you are not very sure what you want or even if you want a tattoo at all a temporary tattoo could be the solution, either glued onto your skin or done as a henna tattoo. If you are shy that the tattoo is visible to everyone just get a lower back tattoo, you can see it in the mirror then.

Thai Tattoos are primarily available at the tourist and nightlife centers in the country. This are Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket. In Bangkok this is mostly around Patpong, in Pattaya around "walking Street" and on Phuket island at Patong beach and Karon beach. There are some other tattoo parlors but the tattoo studios with up to date environment and equipment plus good qualified tattoo artists are at this places.




Phuket tattoo, Thailand tattoo

Thai Tattoo Thailand Tattoo
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