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Thailand nightlife  & Sexy Thai Bar Girls

Thailand nightlife is bars, nightclub, beach, dancing, sexy bar girls, disco and other entertainment, parties 24/7, this is this hot stuff, your vacation destination and more. There are exotic islands in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf south east of Bangkok with plenty of attractive women, Ladyboys and so on one of this islands is Phuket and there is Patong with some of the best stuff in the night, read more about Phuket nightlife.

There are myriads of bars, nightclubs, restaurants, go-go and pole dancing bars, discos and other pleasure places with life music with plenty of Thailand nightlife girls, Thai bar girls they all are waiting for the traveler or tourist to have a good time.

Another top spot for nightlife adventure at Thai bars with dozens of sexy girls around is Pattaya. Pattaya nightlife is even bigger than Phuket or Bangkok nightlife because the location is very compact, most of the bars and nightclubs are around Walking Street Pattaya and Beach Road Pattaya, read more about Pattaya nightlife here.

Thailand's capital Bangkok has a very comprehensive nightlife which is at different locations in the city, this is mainly Nana Plaza at Sukhumvit,

Patpong in the Surawong - Silom area, plus Thaniya Plaza, catering the Japanese night samurais, opposite at Surawong is a small street dedicated to the gay community, Soi Cowboy also at Sukhumvit and others. The very good thing is all this places are close to the BTS Bangkok, also called Skytrain, more about Bangkok nightlife read here.

This is hot stuff with myriads of bars packed with sexy Thai bar girls and foreigners trying to find their special adventure. The country is almost made for the people who really come to life when the sun disappeared, the light are switched on and fun times start its a night clubber's dream. Nightlife in Thailand overwhelms you like a tsunami and off you go, you usually have a good time but sometimes it hurts, mostly the hangover the next day. There are mainly three parameters which makes the nightlife real great, first is almost everything is real cheap, a small bottle of beer in any night bar Go-Go, nightclubs, pub or whatever is almost never over $ 3,-, food is similar low priced. A excellent dinner goes for about $ 4,- naturally the price range can be extended upwards, but also downwards. Another great feature is the availability of almost everything you can think about on your trip and this usually until about midnight, or at the nightlife spots bars are open until about 2 am, this is flexible, convenient shops are open 24/7.

At Patong its for sure sexy at its best and one of the best Asia nightlife one can find. If you are tired on your trip get a Thai massage, either whole body soapy massage at Christine massage or an oil and foot massage in one of the small massage parlors. Check for the Thailand girls who do the special Thai massage for the guys, read more about Patong here.

thailand nightlife pictures at Patong Phuket
at Patong

Its fun and maybe the best in the world, this has to do with a couple of parameter. First are Thai girls working in Thai bars and give the client all kind of pleasure treatment to create a positive atmosphere.

This nightclub girls are at all spots such as at Patong Bangla road in Phuket and Pattaya nightlife at the area around walking street and beach road.

Nightclub girls are plenty as you can see at the pictures below. This let other places throughout the world look rather boring. The ultimate nightlife destinations are here.

Phuket nightlife


This happen at almost every bigger town in the country but on a lower scale.

Beaches are the icing to the Thai tourism cake and the country is quite safe related to Tourism, seldom something happen and if something happen itís around 80% initiated by drunken English and Australian, this are statistic data and not the authors idea.

For the guys bar girls are the absolute highlights. They create the right atmosphere to get and keep the guys in good, good mood means money is flowing via beer, cocktails and tips and other action afterwards, its, get in a pleasant mood and drift away,

usually into a horizontal position in a hotel nearby, they also like it, so don't be shy, they know what you want and they are ready for some games, read more. All this attractions have one thing in common, the idea is donít think, have fun and spend some money. The main communication for is money that is the basic everything is related to.

Bangkok nightlife at Patpong
Bangkok nightlife at Patpong
Thai nightlife

Thai bars at Pattaya
Thai Bar Girls

at Phuket
Phuket Patong Bangla Road
Thai bar girls at Pattaya
Thai bar girls at Pattaya
Nightclub ladies are waiting in the pleasure domes

they have mostly only one dedication get to your side and she will make everyone happy including herself, why? First she get a drink and the bar make some money with it, she also get their commission on every drink.

Now lets say you take her out it needs to pay up to around Baht 500,- so called bar fine, after she will demand around Baht 1500,- upwards for a quickie and maybe from Baht 2000,- on for the whole night, that means finally everyone is happy and you the foreigner pay.

You can be sure almost all demands can be satisfied. A alternative would be to visit a massage shop where you get the same and including a soapy treatment, means she take on you with her body in the bathtub and after the grand finale is at the bed, it costs a bit more. Since this is flexible this is true for male and female, there are enough lesbian girls around.

What's going on is sensational, go club-hopping, bar-hopping, rock the dance floors and have fun with go-go girls at Patpong, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy or at Sukhumvit and other places.

There are myriads of hotspots in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Krabi and so on. Thailand at night is always dual it means, also shopping at night markets.

The Chiang Mai night bazaar is a typical example decorative and quite low priced fashion jewelry are good and very affordable, Thai hill tribe silver jewelry, crafts and after have a exotic diner in a open air restaurant.

But the night should always start and / or end with some pretty ladies who just try to give you a good time by any means. This are the secrets of the orients, you wouldn't get this great time elsewhere.


Actually this is not the only country in the region with beautiful girls, very special are Myanmar model girls, cute Cambodians and at Kuala Lumpur.

Thailand is almost made for the people who stand up at noon and come to life when darkness comes and the lights are switched on. Thatís the time when fun starts and a night clubber's dream become reality. It's sometimes overwhelming and sometimes it hurts, the head, next day.

There are a few constants, first, everything is quite cheap, relative to European etc. prices are seldom over $ 3,- for a small beer, ladies extra. Naturally the price range can be up and down if you like.

Everything one can think in relation to a night trip is easy to get and easy accessible until about 2am convenient shops are open 24/7, read more about Thai nightlife here.

But itís not like Singapore where many restaurants and shops are open 24 hours and the business girls are even around at 5am at places such as Aljunied Singapore.

Just walk into a bar, cafe's with karaoke or similar and you will see dozens pretty ones for entertainment who quickly try to have some fun with you for some cash in return.

Nobody needs to look like a Hollywood star, also if you have problems such as being handicapped or similar most of the ladies let you enjoy sexy stuff without any problems.

In any case, if a guy want to get rid of problems, the best is take a airplane and go east. As you can see at the pictures here nothing better can happen and if a gentlemen prefers blonds, ok also no problem.
Russian girls Pattaya
have a look for Russian girls Pattaya at walking street you will be amused by any means.

See the pics above there are plenty of Russian and eastern Europe business ladies who come to have a look around and not only looking. The Indian, Pakistani and Arab guys are after them, but the girls are quite tough, there is a big difference in attitude to local ladies.

Positive thinking nightlife girls for some sexy games are at all mentioned places. Most are nice ones who try to get the guys into spending mood which is rather simple considering the low prices almost everywhere and the entertainment offered which is often go go dancing or as it is called in the country "Coyote", read more.

nightlife girls
Nightlife girls in action at Bangkok Patpong

Thailand nightlife  & Sexy Thai Bargirls
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